Infotech designs, produces and delivers highest accuracy positioning systems for the automatic execution of precision processes with the comprehensive INFOTECH COMPONENT MATRIX: PLATFORMS - ASSEMBLY - DISPENSE - FEEDER
Processes which have been developed on IP-Desktop systems, can be transferred to the production line without modification!

SWISS Engineering: Infotech hard- and software products are being developed 100% in Switzerland
SWISS Manufacturing: Infotech products are being manu-factured 100% in Switzerland

Infotech celebrates 1100 successful installations world wide!

We have open positions...
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Ingenieur FH für den technischen Support

Automation markets:
- Electronics
- Semiconductor
- Watch assembly
- Micro-mechanics

- Photonics
- Bio-technology

Special new applications:
- Eutectic bonding
- Jet-dispensing solder paste
- Powermodul bonding

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Infotech AG - Vogelherdstrasse 4 - CH-4500 Solothurn - +41 32 626 3660 - info at infotech-automation.com